[singlepic id=45 w=320 h=240 float=right]I had the pleasure of meeting one very cool cat recently; actor, model, Sebastian Siegel. You may remember him as the vagrant Nick Blanchett in Tyler Perry’s “The Family That Preys”.  He was also featured in episodes of  CSI and season 5 of Lost.  Well, there is nothing lost about this gentleman.  He is about manifesting joy and celebrating life.  He is also referred to as an “high-intensity” athlete. That is understandable from his picture perfect physique. I am sure he is ready for almost any physical challenge and it is obvious that he is no stranger to discipline.  Here is the thing, although you can see the fruits of his intense labor physically, his demeanor is all charm and warmth.  You don’t get the sense that you have just encountered someone that is obsessive about physicality, or “on” constantly. Not at all. He manages to leave all that for the gym, enduring scenes or shoots. Off the set, he is generous, kind and endearing with tender smiles. What a great balance. I am looking forward to seeing more of Sebastian on the screen, large and small. Um, and quietly, he is my excuse for copping the latest of men’s fitness magazines too (shh)… Kudos, Sebastian.

Follow Sebastian Siegel on Twitter: www.twitter.com/SebastianSiegel

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