It was loads of laughs hanging out with my fam, Royale Watkins and his partner in crime, Anthony Anderson at Gotham Comedy club. It was a special Mixtape Comedy Show for Anthony’s birthday. There were special heavy hitters in the house:  Earthquake, Mark Viera, Capone, Veronica Mosey and more. It was sheer comedy, literally, to see Earthquake and Capone struggling to keep it “clean”. They were just dropping by to show love for Anthony’s birthday and were thrown into the “clean” set.  Earthquake slipped a few times but we let it ride.  Now, here is the thing:  Without a bevy of profanity or derogatory words typically used by comics, we all laughed until it hurt. Who’d have thought?!

To add to the festivities, Remy Martin kicked in the adult beverages and there was plenty of cake on hand for all. A real party.  The shows are broadcast via Ustream and is promoted completely by viral marketing.  I have to give major props to my bro Royale and how he spearheads this unique comedy experience. He is not just making a living, he is making a statement. TR4L

For more info…  Mixtape Comedy

Follow them on Twitter:

Royale Watkins – @RoyaleWatkins

Earthquake – @RealEarthquake

Anthony Anderson – @sweetbadazz

Comedian Capone -@ComedianCapone

Mark Viera – @markdacomic

Veronica Mosey – @VeronicaMosey


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