Dres“You can get with this, or you can get with that!  You can get with this ’cause this is where it’s at”…   Who doesn’t remember bopping their head to that in the 90’s?  “The Choice is Yours” made famous by the dynamic duo Black Sheep, a prodigy of Native Tongues.  A collective which included  among many, Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Bros. and De La Soul.  I had a minute to catch up with Dres of Black Sheep to get the scoop on his new single “Birds Of A Feather” and dish on some uncommon tidbits about the MC. Here is what we found out:

Your new single, “Birds of a Feather” is virtually a ‘Native Tongues’ reunion.  How did it come about for your new project? It wasn’t an easy thing.. for some reason.. it’s such an ordeal for us to move together… I’ve held close to the notion for many years now and am quite proud that the effort panned out..  In my opinion, in the past, we made records about unity, empowerment of self and community, and a slew of other things that we asked the people to do/be.. but couldn’t be a microcosm off.. essentially, i got one person on the track at a time.. with all knowing my intentions.. i hope this is truly a rebirth of what could be

In Laurence Fishburne’s directoral debut, “Once In A Lifetime” (2000) you played a bagman for a kingpin. How was it working with Laurence and is there any acting appearances on the horizon? I am a HUGE fan of Fishburne.. he’s a dope person.. i met him many years ago.. and he seemed to look inside of me and say a few things that i needed to hear.. years later.. i reached out to see if i could send some music his way with hopes of a soundtrack.. he asked me to send him a flick.. the offer came after.  I’m very interested in acting.. i think it would be a great transition for me as i get older

Word on the street is that you were a junior tennis champ. True or False? Out of the top players which player do you respect the most and why? very true.. I grew up playing handball.. when i moved to NC.. my gym teacher was the tennis coach.. i was killing kids on the court without really knowing what i was doing.. He saw the natural ability.. worked with me.. I was a Varsity Letterman first year out.. and got better each season..  I really like the Williams sisters… beside loving what they represent by just existing.. the power of Serena is impressive… and Venus is as stealthy as a Jaguar… I would love to hit balls with them (hmmmmm…no homo)

What role did music play in your family and how does that translate with your young son now? Both of my parents sung lead vocals in different bands at different points of my life… i grew up on my parents music.. well before the days that Hip Hop was played on the radio.. I learned the power of words very early and have always been a student.. I knew every single word to all of Songs In The Key Of Life at about 8 or 9 (even Swahili) .. I also played trumpet and sung in High School… Music has always been my love… My son Sidney gets it honestly… he’s amazing.. i make sure he has every and any instrument he desires.. and he’s got quite a few… his pitch is ridiculous.. never goes off… and his memory of lyrics is better than mine

What’s next? I intend to stay grounded in music.. branch into acting.. possibly writing.  I’d like to do a couple of things away from entertainment as well at this point (business ventures) … love my kids with all of my being… live long.. and die happy

Doing It Wrong Remix, by Dres <<Check out the Doing It Wrong Remix… watch until the very end to see his adorable son, Sidney getting ready to rock the mic.

Kia commercial featuring “The Choice Is Yours, by BlackSheep <<The Kia hamsters are rocking to “The Choice Is Yours” by BlackSheep

Birds Of A Feather available now on ITunes and album The Black Pool of Genius with, Jean Grae, Rosie Perez, AZ., Mike G, Q.Tip and more drops on June 29.
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