As we are heading for summer Estelle has premiered her new single “Fall In Love featuring  Nas, andestelle also a special track with John Legend.  The single is from her eagerly  anticipated album, “All of Me” soon to come.  She is a busy woman these days, fresh from South Africa and still running.  Estelle  honored us with a few of her favorite notions of summer:

How does the summer inspire you musically?

It makes me wanna sing really loudly! lol – Melodies and harmonies kind of float around all day in my head.

Your new single “Fall In Love” is lively and refreshing. With us constantly being bombarded with negativity today in the world, do you hope the positivity of your tune will be contagious?

I do hope so. My music has always been the kind that gives you the vibe of “look on the bright side”.  I don’t do depressing songs very well. I try not to.  Life is depressing enough if we start to think about day to day BS and drama and then turn on CNN and you might just lose your mind. So I always try to have a “solution” in the music I do…leave folks feeling uplifted or at least with a plan B.

Can you describe your favorite summer meal?

A good barbecue! Sweet corn, ribs, potato chips…and a good icey drink …like the slushy kind (throw in some tequila!)

Outside of the studio, you create jewelry, enjoy photography and much more. What would be your favorite summer hobby?

Customizing clothes. It’s always easier to go and BUY a truck load of new summer clothes…

I think (especially nowadays) its easier and more cost effective to customize your own stuff. Cut some jeans up, take in a t-shirt… if you don’t know how to sew, take it to a tailor. – fashion for a fraction! estelle-at-the-jamaica-jazz-blues-festival

Can you recall your fondest (childhood) memory of summer?

Going to Senegal for the summer with my grandma and cousin and brother.

It was an experience .  I was 7 or 8 and we went on a “trip” from Dakar to Gambia. Now I say trip: – We walked, got on a boat and took a “grandaga” which is like a dollar van except they allow live animals (hens etc.) on it. ‘Twas an experience.

Paparazzi be on the lookout for Estelle.   She may snap photos of you as she makes her rounds this summer. To hear “Fall in Love” and keep up with Estelle’s ventures, visit . Also, peep how Estelle sees the world on her blog (*.*)


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