It was great to see my old friend, Keisha Jackson, yesterday. Keisha and I have known each other since we were kids. In fact, I was in my first talent show with Keisha in junior high.  Er, let’s just say I went on to dancing and Keisha continued to shine as a vocalist.  She is a awesome solo artist and she was working the background vocals for Erykah Badu last night.  Keisha is the daughter of the famous Millie Jackson and bears a striking resemblance.   So it was especially exciting for me to be at the show.

Janelle Monae opened up the show.  I have to say that I was impressed with Ms. Monae. Her style reminds me of several but no one artist in particular.  She has got her rock/soul/punk thing and running with it.  She ended her set with a virtual swan dive in to the pit as the audience members kept her afloat. Brave. Nice touch.

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Ms. Badu did not disappoint the crowd. She dropped knowledge (as usual), broke into a bit of free-style and added some sweet twists to her originals. She shouted out Tribe Called Quest, Jay Electronica and other vets of hip-hop as she broke in to her renditions of classic rhymes from some of these artists.  The best treat for me was a surprise medley that include “Believe In Yourself” made famous by Lena Horne/Diana Ross in the movie the “The Wiz”.  Charming.

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